Privacy & Policy

  • 1. Privacy Policy general principles

    1.1. We understand that You have reasonable expectations that We will access and/or use Your Personal Information generally for the reasons set-out in clause 2 and 6 below in order to increase the efficiency of Your use of the services offered by us, using our reasonable efforts; 1.2. We will be transparent and forthcoming in the way in which we access and/or use Your Personal Information; 1.3. We will use reasonable efforts to protect Your Personal Information from unauthorized persons; and 1.4. We will at all times handle Your Personal Information in a manner that is compliant with all relevant laws of Myanmar.
  • 2. Your Personal Information

    Your Personal Information may include (but shall not be limited to): 2.1. Electronic traces that show your path, information such as IP-address and domain name. The IP-address is used to transmit the requested content to the correct receiver. It does not connect the electronic traces you leave behind directly to you as a user. This logs the amount of time you spend visiting our web site, but you remain anonymous. We may use this information to administer and upgrade the website. This makes it possible to ensure an even more user-friendly website; 2.2. Cookies that are used to measure the traffic on the Company’s site. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard disk by a web page server. Cookies contain information that can later be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to You; 2.3. Any other information that may be able to identify You such as browser type, version and language, operating system, pages viewed while browsing the site, page access times and referring website address.
  • 3. Your consent

    3.1. By using our website www., or our mobile phone application, or any of the Company’s services, You are providing Your consent for Your Personal Information to be accessed and/or used in the manner specified in or consistent with this Privacy Policy. 3.2. In some instances, the Company may (and shall be entitled to) ask for Your specific consent in order to access and/or use Your Personal Information at any time, whether or not said access and/or use is already governed by this Privacy Policy, and by asking for Your consent, that shall not be implied to require the Company to seek Your specific consent in future cases. If the Company does not seek Your specific consent in any case to access and/or use Your Personal Information, Your consent is deemed to have been given by virtue of this Privacy Policy, provided that such access and/or use of Your Personal Information is consistent with this Privacy Policy. 3.3. Should You provide express and specific consent for the access and/or use of Your Personal Information in any case, then the terms of that express and specific consent shall prevail over the terms of this Privacy Policy, in the event of any inconsistency.
  • 4. Access to your Personal Information

    4.1. Only employees and service providers of the Company (including under clause 5 below) will have access to and the ability to use your Personal Information. Only Personal Information that is material to the Company’s business shall be used by the Company and its employees. We will consistently review the practices and infrastructure within the Company in order to ensure that Your Personal Information is reasonably secure. 4.2. In the event that your Personal Information is compromised in any way by an unauthorized third party, we reserve the right but have no obligations except where otherwise required at law, to investigate any instances of unauthorized use of Personal Information, which may include taking civil action or recommending criminal action be taken under the laws of Myanmar.
  • 5. Sharing of your Personal Information with third parties

    Your Personal Information may be shared with third parties in certain circumstances. For instance, We may engage third parties to provide services on the Company’s behalf. Such services may include but not be limited to handling customer support enquiries, processing transactions, IT services, or the shipping of products. Those third parties will be permitted to obtain only the Personal Information necessary to deliver the service that they are performing. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that said third parties are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of Your Personal Information.
  • 6. Use of Your Personal Information

    6.1. The Personal Information that We collect will be used for the purposes of gauging visitor traffic, trends, delivering personalized content to You while You are on the Company’s website, and other uses consistent with the general principles expressed at clause 1. 6.2. The Company will take reasonable steps in order to ensure that the Personal Information is used only for the purpose it is intended.
  • 7. Changes to the Company’s Privacy Policy

    7.1. The Company may change terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time as it sees fit. 7.2. Should there be any changes to the Privacy Policy, the Company will inform You within thirty (30) days and the amended terms shall be binding on you upon your acceptance of the same, which acceptable shall be deemed to be provided upon your use of the Company’s website, mobile phone application, or services as set-out in clause 3.1.
  • 8. Discussions about Your privacy

    Should You wish you to contact the Company in relation to any concerns you have about privacy and the use of Your Personal Information, you are free to do so. This may include: 8.1. Requesting that we cease future contact; 8.2. Requesting clarity on any part of this Privacy Policy; and 8.3. Reporting any suspected misuse of your Personal Information.
  • 9.Obtaining the address Book

    9.1. We are only for the convenience and quick contact with theirs friends not for other purpose. 9.2.More convenience for users.